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About CoPTE

“CoPTE” (Centre of Professional Training Excellence) is UDYAMI SAHYOG PARISHAD’s team knowledge and its team practical exposure driven, a knowledge sharing program

About “Centre of Professional Training Excellence” (CoPTE)

“CoPTE” (Centre of Professional Training Excellence) is (USP) UDYAMI SAHYOG PARISHAD’s team knowledge and its team practical exposer driven, a knowledge sharing program and approach to build trust in Professional and Technical Education through ONSITE Trainings for skilling and Upskilling of the students and Industrial employees for Industrial and Professional skills Development and Enhancement. Through “CoPTE” we support the Engineering Colleges, Universities, Polytechnics, ITI’s and Schools as well as to Industries/ corporates. By serving as catalyst for Industries- Academic Partnership, USP attempts to bring intellectual capital and emerging technology together to bridge the gap between Industries and Technical Institutions.

Through “CoPTE”, Parishad is offering

Skilling programme On-Site in Institution Campus providing short term Courses/ Trainings and Workshops

Up-Skilling Programme On-Site in industries conducting Workshops and Corporate Trainings as per their TNI (Training Need Identification) and requirements

“CoPTE” for Institutions

Our experts are delivering professional lectures, conducting seminar/ workshops, short term trainings on specific industrial domain and managing industrial visits for latest technological awareness to the students and to get them aware about the Industrial/ Corporate culture. Our domain experts adhere to the requirements of Institutional students’ Internship, Summer Trainings/ In-Plant Trainings/ Apprenticeship, Innovative Project Support, Real Time (OJT) On Job Trainings and Professional Skills Development Trainings. PARISHAD has the required certified Team of highly Qualified & Experienced Industrial Professionals and on job training resources for respective domain to successfully address the Internship and Apprenticeship requirements that is mandatory by University and Institutions. Parishad has strong linkage between Manufacturing Industries/ Corporates, Government & Non-Government Organization for students’ trainings, certifications and job placements.

“CoPTE” for Industries/ Corporates

Through the activities of delivery processes, methodologies and matured industrial process-oriented approach, our highly experienced and professional team of domain experts adhere to the requirements of up-skilling of the industrial employees. Our trainers/ faculty are providing value added training support prior to beginning of a workshop and after completing, by in-depth analysis and goal settings. We emphasize and focus on knowledge evaluation of the participants in the beginning of training and after session measure the Effectiveness. Our professional experts training the employee & developing their core competencies and professional skills in Management Functions, Organizational Behaviour, People Management, Operations Management, Technical & Engineering Systems Techniques, Quality & Quality System Tools with more than 250 topics including majorly the area of Leadership and Management Development, Leadership Training, Behavioural Training, Target & Goal Setting, Decision Making, Motivational Training Programs, Corporate communications, Personal Effectiveness Training, Workplace Ethics, Team Building Training, Time Management Training, Customer and Client Communications, Stress Management Training, General Safety and Emergency Procedures, Sales Excellence Training, Customer Retention Training etc.

“CoPTE” is well established Professional and Technical Education through ONSITE Trainings supported by:



Bihar Skill Development Mission (Govt. of Bihar)


Automotive Skills Development Council


SkillSonics India Pvt Ltd. It is based in Switzerland and India.


National Institute for Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development


Ministry of Skills Development and Entrepreneurship