Gurugram, Haryana


At Udyami Sahyog Parishad, our CSR efforts are focused on improving the quality of life of underprivileged communities neighbouring our business operations. Our interventions focus on health, education, employability and environment, impacting over 2,00,000 lives in India.


Udyami Sahyog Parishad is committed to sustainable development, where business goes hand in hand with societal wellbeing and environmental consciousness.

USP Initiatives

Udyami Sahyog Parishad strives to be a people’s company, and for that, it needs to take care of everyone. Not only is it completely dedicated to the customers, but also to the communities around the facilities. As a part of the community development programme, USP identify their needs through formal surveys, one to one contact, and by engaging with the leaders. Their CSR programmes tackle social issues at both local and national level in order to develop scalable, impactful, and sustainable social programmes that leave a visible impact for the future generations.

“CoPTE” for Institutions

Our experts are delivering professional lectures, conducting seminar/ workshops, short term trainings on specific industrial domain and managing industrial visits for latest technological awareness to the students and to get them aware about the Industrial/ Corporate culture. Our domain experts adhere to the requirements of Institutional students’ Internship, Summer Trainings/ In-Plant Trainings/ Apprenticeship, Innovative Project Support, Real Time (OJT) On Job Trainings and Professional Skills Development Trainings.

“CoPTE” for Industries/ Corporates

Through the activities of delivery processes, methodologies and matured industrial process-oriented approach, our highly experienced and professional team of domain experts adhere to the requirements of up-skilling of the industrial employees. Our trainers/ faculty are providing value added training support prior to beginning of a workshop and after completing, by in-depth analysis and goal settings. We emphasize and focus on knowledge evaluation of the participants in the beginning of training and after session measure the Effectiveness.

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